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Movie Portfolio


GARFIELD SHOW is a world famous series. It was great pleasure to animate few thousands seconds of Character animation for ActionHeroes in association with ORANGE animation studio.


Have you ever dream to fly? This project was a dream come true. It was a great opportunity to participate in the animation of this movie. As the project was dedicated for full-dome planetarium screen, it demanded unusual approach to animation. It was a huge adventure and great pleasure to cooperate with the talented director -  Paulina Majda.

The movie won many awards:

  • 2013 Jena (Fulldome Festival)-JANUS Directors Award

  • 2013 Imiloa (Imiloa Film Festival)- Scenario Award

  • 2014 Makau (Macao International Fulldome Festival)-Award for Special Artistic Values

  • 2014 Makau (Macao International Fulldome Festival)-Audience Award

  • 2014 Gwacheon (Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmów Fulldome)- Gold Star

  • 2015 Brno (Central European Fulldome Festival)- Best Movie Award

  • 2015 Jarosław (Festiwal Filmów Fulldome)- 3rd Prize in the feature film category

  • 2015 Espinho (Immersive Film Festival)- Best 3D Movie Award

  • 2016 Boulder (Fiske FullDome International Film Festival)- Audience Award

  • 2016 Madryt (Immersive Festival)- Best Full-Dome Movie Award


It is a masterpiece of talented director - Jan Komasa. Drama contains many CG scenes. It was great adventure to participate in 3D asset creation for this movie (in association with Action Heroes).

The movie won many awards:

  • 2011 Kraków (Międzynarodowy Festiwal Kina Niezależnego "Off Camera")- FIPRESCI Award

  • 2011 Gdynia (do 1986 Gdańsk) (Festiwal Polskich Filmów Fabularnych; od roku 2012 Gdynia Film Festival)- Silver Lions

  • 2011 Gdynia (Festiwal Polskich Filmów Fabularnych)-Gold Kangaroo (Australian dystrybutor award) 

  • 2011 Giffoni Valle Piana - Best Movie in 16+ category

  • 2011 Genewa (International Movie Festival "Cinema Tout Ecran") - Main Award

  • 2012 Los Angeles (Polish  Movie Festival) -  "Hollywood Eagle Award"

and much more...


SAREX - Search And Rescue Exercises. Short  documentary / report from army and rescue services exercises. The scenario assumed a plane crash in the water. The task of the services was to organize the rescue and coordinate the actions. Many thanks to the Polish army for the opportunity to participate in this project. Special thanks to the search and rescue group from Mińsk Mazowiecki for providing helicopters and equipment as well as sharing knowledge. Huge thanks to Nadia Rodkina for directing and Jakub Dobiasz for cameras operating.

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